Sunday, January 17, 2010


I haven't posted in a week! My bad. I've just been so busy!! Not too much to report. We're going to Baltimore on Wednesday...ack! So not looking forward to being on an airplane again. It's been nearly two years since my last plane ride, and I wish I would never have to fly again. *grumble* The twins aren't doing anything new this week...just the same stuff. Standing while holding onto things, cruising, Chana's teeth, etc.

I'll update during my trip, if I can find the time!


Eileen said...

I never knew you hate flying as much I do! Good luck. At least it will be a fairly quick flight. Good luck!

WiseGuy said...

LOLOL... we can HIT each other, coz I did not post in about a week as well. Hope the travelling is not that bad at all!