Sunday, March 1, 2009

Doing OK

I've been doing ok since being discharged from the hospital. I got nearly no sleep on Friday night. I kept waking up every hour and there was a spot on my back that hurt SO badly! I tried everything...changing positions, cold pack, tylenol, and finally a hot pack. It was the hot pack that took away the pain, but I still couldn't sleep. Last night I did MUCH better! Slept all the way from approx 1am to 6:30am! I also have to make sure I keep my legs right ankle is way swollen. I'm going to start wearing the compression stockings I got, and I need to consciously remember to keep it elevated. I never realized how uncomfortable swollen ankles are! It just feels so funny.

My mom came to visit last week and brought us a ton of baby clothes (including hand-me-downs from my sister and me). My mother-in-law also keeps sending us packages with clothes in it. Man, baby clothes are SOOOO cute! I'd take pictures of all of it, but it would require me to stand for a long period of time in order to show you everything. We also had all of our furniture delivered last week, so we actually have a nursery! How cool is that? Now I just need to get all of my clothes out of the nursery closet so I can fill it with baby clothes. :-)
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