Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sooooo Furious

A few of my fellow bloggie friends (Murgdan and Lollipop) posted this yesterday, and it made me so angry. Check out what the Georgia government is trying to do to us poor infertiles.

Georgia Reproductive Specialists along with other Atlanta fertility clinics, RESOLVE and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) oppose both of these bills. Firstly, Senate Bill 169 would restrict doctors' ability to perform IVF in accordance with best medical standards.

Here are the key provisions:
  • No more than 2 or 3 eggs could ever be fertilized in a cycle; if a woman produced more eggs, they still could not be used.

  • Only 2 embryos could ever be transferred to the uterus, unless the woman is age 40 or over (then a max of 3).

  • No extra embryos could be cryopreserved. If they are created, they have to be transferred.

  • No financial relief, such as insurance coverage, is proposed to help with the added financial burden of using less effective treatment. Patients will still have to pay out of pocket for less effective treatment.

  • Bans all financial compensation for donor gametes, such as egg donor, sperm donor, or embryo donation, which would reduce the pool of available donors in Georgia.

SB 204/HB388 is an embryo adoption bill. It would subject embryo donation to all the same provisions as required by law for adoption of a child. This would subject infertility patients needing an embryo donation to go through the judicial proceedings, home visits, and other procedures required for an adoption. We do not believe that such treatment is appropriate or needed for embryo donation.

This is truly an outrage, and I encourage everyone to oppose these ridiculous bills. Can you imagine? If they had allowed me to fertilize only two of the eggs that we harvested during our IVF cycle, we may not have ended up with ANY that continued to divide, and we almost definitely would not be having these twins right now. You can read some more about why this is such stupid and hurtful legislation on Murgdan's & Lollipop's blogs.
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