Friday, February 13, 2009


Yesterday was much better than Wednesday. I had a checkup with the dentist on Tuesday, and he said that one of my fillings needed replacing. That replacing happened yesterday! (Talk about quick turnaround time...) Anyways, I'm the kind of person who goes without novocaine for all dental procedures (except the time I had a root canal). I mean really, if you've ever had a cavity filled without novocaine then you already know that it's not painful. Yeah, there's a weird twingy sensation that happens during drilling when the doc goes near a nerve, but it's not pain and totally dealable. I mean, I don't even flinch when it happens. So why the novocaine? Because people are terrified that it's going to hurt. I dislike the feeling of being numb, and going through the filling w/o novocaine is easy, so that's the way I go. Besides, it saves money. :-) I really hope my kids don't have a fear of doctors or the dentist...I love 'em all!!

On a side note, apparently a group of skunks decided to have a party at our shul, so my husband came home STINKING of skunk. Man, that smell lingers! I have no idea how we're going to get that smell out of his winter coat, but he threw his clothes in the wash and took a shower. At least HE doesn't smell, just his stuff. Anyone with an idea of how to salvage his coat & hat should leave me a comment! I wonder if the dry-cleaner could do something... *sigh* Poor Pookie.
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