Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big, Fat Babies!

Well, maybe they're not *so* big and fat, but it's good enough for me. Their measurements are a day or so behind (meaning they're measuring for 29w 1d and 29w 0d instead of 29w 2d), but that's totally fine. They are twins, after all. But their measurements are nearly equal, and they both are estimated to weigh 2lbs 15oz--which is actually more than I was expecting. The funny thing is that of all the parts of their body that were measured, the only ones that are measuring larger than average are their femurs (leg bones)...and for anyone that knows me, that's pretty shocking. Even better is that Baby A (the girl) has a slightly longer femur than Baby B (the boy). hehe Hopefully they'll take after their Daddy and not be ridiculously short!! Honestly, though, the best part is the fact that they are measuring so closely to one another. One of the big fears with twins is that one will grow much larger than the other (or even steal nutrients from the other). I am sooooooo lucky!
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