Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Busy!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted an update in a while, but Passover just sort of took over my entire month of April, and the semester isn't finished yet for school. I've missed so many classes - when I was sick, Passover, and then yesterday because my car battery died. (Seriously...not the best time for that to happen! But at least all it took was a jump and we were back in business.)

Anyway, half of my husband's immediate family stayed with us over Passover, and everyone had a great time. The twins went wild over "Auntie Beh" and "Uncle Joe" (aka "ABehBeh" and "AJoeJoe"). There was a lot of laughing and even some potty success! I bought the twins some cloth training pants, and hopefully they'll come in the mail soon. I just want to get them out of diapers already! Sure, they're young, but there's two of them and Tzipora. I'm getting sick of diapers. lol

I've discovered that Tzipora really isn't gaining weight - she's still at 10 1/2 lbs. I think maybe it's because she cut out an overnight feed and goes 10+ hours without crying or waking us up. She'd go even longer, but I have my alarm set for 7:45am so I can be on time to class and such. She just lays there and sucks on her fingers, so we have no idea that she's even awake. I'm going to be a lot more strict about waking her up at 5am for a feed and I'm not going to let her sit and nurse for an hour at a time during the day, because for the vast majority of that time she's basically sleep sucking and not getting any milk. I'm going to poke at her so she drinks quickly and I can get in more feeds during the day. Any expert breastfeeders out there with ideas on getting her to eat more and quickly? Cuz even though I might spend 4 hours per day with her on the breast, her weight is completely stagnant...
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