Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Twinners and the ABCs

The twins are getting better and better at singing the ABCs. Sure, they skip letters (A, B, C, G, H, I, J, P, etc.), but it's super adorable anyway. (They can also count to five...and possibly even to ten, but I didn't catch that on camera.) Anyways, here are my somewhat successful attempts at getting them to sing the ABCs. I'm going to have to keep trying, because I know they can say almost the whole last few lines (Now I know my ABCs...), but it didn't make it on camera. This also documents more of Chana talking on not one but TWO phones (at the same time). It's super adorable. Enjoy!


WiseBursche said...

Amazing to see your kids doing well.

I love Chana's curly hair!

זיוה said...

Who's the girl in the background?

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I love it! They are sooo sweet!

Charlotte said...

I can't believe how fast time goes. Too cute!!

I am blogging again, new blog and all. If you remember me, from webmd and then bloggerland. Charlotte's not my real name, but its what I'm using now. : )