Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holding the Baby

The twins each got to hold Tzipora for the first time tonight. Chana was standing by the baby swing (with Tzipora in it) and looked like she really wanted to hold her, so I asked her if she wanted to. Of course she says "yeah!" So I put Chana in our big, black swivel office chair and handed her the baby. We helped her a little bit with the head, of course. After a few minutes, Tzipora started crying because she was hungry, so I took her back from Chana. Well, Chana then threw a FIT! She wanted to keep holding the baby. (This is in great contrast to the first time my sister held me...) Anyway, I left to feed the baby. When I returned with the baby post-feed, Chana took one look at me and climbed right back into the office chair for another go. It was the cutest thing EVER! Luckily, I was ready for this and grabbed the camera. So here are some pics of Chana & Dovid holding Tzipora. (Please excuse Chana's dirty face...she still had lunch leftovers plastered all over)

Here Chana is saying "hi Doora" and waving at her.

Chana is showing Tzipora where her eyes are and saying "eyes"

Chana was upset because Dovid had been pulling on her feet.  That's why she doesn't look happy in this one and the next one.  It's not because she wasn't enjoying the baby.

Chana looks all pleased with herself.  Meanwhile, Dovid is poking out the babies eyes.  Oops!  (Really, Dovid wanted it to be his turn and was trying to pick her up.)

I just love the look that Dovid has on his face in these pics.  Pure love.

Dovid is rubbing her head in this one

And here Dovid is beeping her nose and saying "beep"

And with that, I wish you all a good night!
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