Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Smiles

Tzipora smiled at me on Friday!! A real one, too...not one of these fake infant smiles that are just reflexes. It was the cutest thing, but she hasn't really repeated herself. There are a few times I think she's about to smile, but then she decides not to. lol She's also making more noises. No cooing, per se, but she squeaks, and it's super adorable. We have her two month checkup tomorrow, and she'll probably be getting her immunizations. :-( Poor baby!

The twins are as cute as ever. Chana is chatting up a storm on anything that could possibly be imagined as a phone (everything from a slice of orange to a hairbrush). Both twins are now using both their own names and each others names and it is SOOOO adorable. I love it when Dovid points to Chana and says "Chana" and then points to himself and says "Dovid". Then he points to me and says "Mommy", then points to Shmuel and says "Daddy". I am just so proud of them and the amount of language they now know.

I can't believe that the twins are going to be two in just under two weeks. How time has flown!!! They are getting so big...more like children than babies. And both of them were born to be a big brother and big sister. I bought a baby doll that I'm expecting in the mail on Wednesday, and I can't wait to see how they're going to react to having their own "baby" to play with. I'd better get the video camera all charged up now!
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