Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kicks and Things

I'm really starting to feel the baby move now. She's been moving around and kicking a bit. On Sunday we actually were able to feel her kick from the outside. Usually that comes much later, but I guess my hands were in the right place at the right time. It was funny because when Shmuel came into the room I told him to put his hands on my belly. He felt for a few seconds and then started giggling. I asked him if he could feel her kick and he said yes and that it was weird. Well it was even more weird since I couldn't feel it from the inside. lol But her movements are getting stronger and more frequent (at least in the fact that I'm feeling them). So cool and so exciting!

Dovid's getting more teeth. I can see a molar coming in up top!! Finally! I was really afraid he had no teeth. lol

Ziva, our au pair, left to go home earlier this week. *sob* We really miss her, and the twins will be starting at "day care" next week. (It's not really day care because it's just four kids - two of which are mine - being taken care of by one adult who happens to be a friend of mine, but it's easier for me to refer to it as "day care".) The twins have met her and at least one of the kids who will be with them, so I'm hoping the transition will go smoothly for everyone. I'll probably sit in for a few hours on the first few days to help in any case.

My amazing bloggy friend Eileen had her twins yesterday!!! She made it to 34 weeks, which was fantastic considering the numerous complications plaguing her pregnancy. This is truly a miracle and we are so, so happy for her! Happy birthday Matthew and Madeline!
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