Monday, August 23, 2010

Poo and Paper Towels...On The Floor

Yesterday I was being a bad mommy and letting the twins "watch" the first Harry Potter movie during play time before dinner yesterday. They weren't actually was more noise in the background for them as they went about playing. (I was listening to it, of course.) :-) Anyway, at one point I had to pause it to get a snack and smelled poo in the dining room. Hmmmm why should I smell poo? Well, I looked and there on the floor was poo. Oh crap (haha). GROOOOSS!! I figured out who was the culprit (the one with her diaper hanging around one ankle) and put her in her crib. She had poo on her foot...ewww! I put Dovid in the jumperoo to get him out of the way and proceeded to clean up the poo with paper towels. It was pretty nasty, but I sprayed the floor with my cleaner and all was right with the world. I put the paper towels on a table in the dining room and then went to change Chana...whose diaper was totally clean since the poo was on the floor...and wash off her poo foot. ICK! Anyways, when that was done I brought her back to the dining room and let Dovid out of the jumperoo. Fast forward a few minutes, and I hear giggling and rustling of paper. Uh oh...Mommy left the paper towels within reach! There's now paper towels all over the floor being played with (most of which was still attached to the roll). I let them have most of what they had unraveled, rerolled the rest and placed the roll out of reach. I then said "oh what the heck" and let them play with the paper towels. Sure they were going to try to eat it, but honestly they were having a good time and a little paper towel never hurt anyone, right? ;-)
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