Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm a Mom

First off, sorry for not posting in such a long time, but life around here is crazy 24/7. Anyways, you already knew I was a mom...and I already knew it...but yesterday confirmed it. My son is much more "hands on" than my daughter. Chana is pretty content just sitting in her vibrating seat, sucking on her pacifier. She doesn't need to be rocked or coddled. As long as she's not hungry or sitting in an icky diaper, she's content. My son, on the other hand, is cranky. Sometimes the vibrating seat is enough, but other times he wants to be held and rocked--and NOTHING else will do! In order to get things done, yesterday I discovered that if I put him in a sling carrier and walk around, he quiets down. If I sit down (with him still in the carrier) and swivel back and forth in my chair, it will work for a while...but when he notices I'm not up and moving around, he'll freak out. So yesterday evening I walked with him...then I stood in one place and swung him...then I'd sit down and swivel until he figured out that I was cheating...and I'd get back up and do the whole thing all over. This went on for at least an hour. I think this experience now puts me in the "mom" category. :-)


  1. LOLOL....Dear Sonny wants you to lose your weight really fast!

    Let's just say that this is going to be 'handful' at a minimum.

    You are a Mom! Yay!

  2. I have a similar combination. My son is much more content to sit in the vibrating chair or lay on his belly while my daughter is always squirming around is much happier when being held. A sling is a definite must in this case! Congratulations on feeling like a mum!

  3. It's amazing how individual and unique they are right out of he womb. I found a yoga ball to be very helpful. I just sat on that and rolled, bounced etc. Do you have the Happiest Baby on the Block (book or DVD?) It's like a magic potion. OK...that's it for assvice!

  4. Caiden was the same exact way! What amazes me is how quickly it all changes- right now it's her bouncy seat with the vibration & music turned on & a little bit of bouncing from me- or nothing! It's much easier than the constant walking but it's funny that now she only likes the front carier when we're outside. If I go inside she needs to come out of it!

    I'm sure your little ones will adjust their likes & dislikes & you ~will~ be able to put him down eventually, haha! In the meantime though the sling is a life-saver!

  5. LOL. Ellie has to be held most of the time, especially after she's around grandmothers all day, then she just thinks she's supposed to be held 24/7.

  6. LOL, you're a mom all right B"H! Is Chani still squeaky? I don't remember Dovid being so kvetchy, maybe he's having a spurt or maybe he got spoiled by his auntie and uncle and grandma. Help is on the way soon, hang in there!