Monday, June 8, 2009


I finally cracked and left the twins with a babysitter for an hour yesterday. I had some errands to do, and I know this girl pretty well, so I wasn't nervous about leaving them. Dovid basically slept the whole time, and Chana was doing her squeaky groaning. My babysitter got to study for her finals, and I got to do errands without worrying about getting babies in and out of the car and all over the place. She said she'll probably come over to my house to study when it gets loud at her house, which also means I have an extra set of hands in a pinch. WOOOOO! :-) Hopefully next year Bais Yaakov (that would be the Orthodox Jewish girl's high school) will have girls coming in from out of town who need a place to live so we can rent out the rooms on the top floor and have extra hands when they get home from school! But that would also require me learning how to cook dinner and make lunches. Heh Elana the homemaker....who woulda thunk it. My father made my lunch for me through high school. And then in college I ate in the cafeteria. I'm soooo spoiled!

In other news, my mother-in-law is coming!!!! She'll arrive tomorrow evening, and I can't wait. That'll be another set of hands...and one that knows how to cook and enjoys it! YIPPEE!
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