Monday, September 8, 2008

Sleeping is entertaining

Why, might you ask, is sleeping entertaining? Well, I'll tell you. Being pregnant definitely has several up-sides, one of these being strange dreams. My dreams are highly entertaining. Three nights ago I dreamt that I was at Camp, the only people who will understand this reference are those who watched Nickelodeon in the early to mid 1990's. The TV show "Salute Your Shorts" took place at Camp Anawana (yes, there are episodes on YouTube). I had a very vivid dream about trying to join the swim team (even though I am a VERY slow swimmer) and hanging out with "Budnick". Two nights ago I dreamt that I was at Camp Tamakwa, the real summer camp that I actually went to for 7 summers. During this dream people were doing a triathalon (this is generally a pretty big event at camp); I was waiting in main camp for the triathletes to finish the race and watching Jon Linden (he may have been doing the infamous "butt dance"). Then last night I dreamt that I was with the people on the TV show Scrubs. This was a very complicated dream, but involved Dr. Cox and JD doing various things. I think this may have also involved swimming and a gas station. I think I may have also told them I was pregnant. lol

Well, there you have it. Pregnancy makes sleep so much more fun! :-)
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