Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Date

Please don't read this post if you do not wish to hear about intimacy between myself and my husband (ie if you're my mother or otherwise related to me and don't want to hear about it) lol

After avoiding my husband for a full two months (for fear of miscarrying after having sex), I asked my doctor if I need to worry and she said that it's perfectly fine to have relations during pregnancy. Now, I already knew that deep down, but have also heard horror stories as well. So, I said "what the heck" and did it anyway. :-) I figured that the babies are now fetuses (as of tomorrow) and have grown all of their various body parts which just now need to develop and mature. They're secure in there and their placentas aren't going to just separate from the uterine wall if it contracts slightly and the worst that really could happen as a direct result of intercourse would be bleeding/spotting from the cervix (which didn't happen anyway).

Conclusion: Sex during pregnancy is not harmful to your babies and fun for the parents. :-)
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