Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

So, I had my 10 week doctor's appointment today. My blood pressure was pretty high at 138/80, so the doctor will probably have me start back on the baby aspirin when I get to 2nd trimester (in 2 weeks!!). She felt for my uterus, and it's already pretty high. She also listened for heartbeats. She found one really easily, but the second was hiding. There were a few times she *almost* found it, but we think the baby was hiding behind a particularly loud blood vessel of mine, which was blocking out his/her heartbeat. The doctor isn't worried, especially since my uterus is growing perfectly for twins at 10 weeks, so I'm not worried either. And I think I found that second heartbeat yesterday with similar difficulties. We scheduled another appointment for 2 weeks from now (it will be the day before my neuchal translucency ultrasound). I can't wait!
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