Friday, November 9, 2012

Funny Story with Pictures

As I was friending my Twitter girls on Facebook yesterday morning, I was briefly taking a look at their Facebook walls to see what they had been posting since ColdCon. One of them had shared a photo from a Colin Morgan Facebook fansite. When you're looking at a Facebook wall, you can only see part of the photo until you click on it - then you can see the large version. This is what I saw as the "thumbnail" version.

For anyone who knows me, what is your first thought? Probably the same as mine... "Gee, that looks like the back of my head!" Also keep in mind that I know where I was sitting for Colin's Q&A, so it was plausible that this could actually be my head. So I commented on my friend's post about it looking like my head, and then I clicked on the picture to see the full version...

And I screamed. OH MY GOD THAT IS THE BACK OF MY HEAD! There's no mistaking me holding my video camera, and who else has hair that looks exactly like that? *giggles uncontrollably* So, I finally got a picture of Colin and me together...even if you can only see half of the back of my head and my right hand. But the kids know it's me and love to see the picture of Mommy and Merlin.

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