Monday, June 28, 2010

My Baby Has a Nose!

Among other things. lol We had our nuchal translucency test done today, and all went well there. Baby is measuring 100% on target for his/her due date - 60.7mm CRL with a heart rate of (I believe) 149bpm. Nuchal fold was 1.6mm, and they like to see it below 3mm. He/she was bouncing around all over the place during the exam and seemed to be having a good time. Here's a scan of the only picture I got *sigh*.

I can see that it's a head with a nose. :-D Anyway, after the scan the MFM doctor came in, and boy was that fun. NOT! The guy proceeded to scare me senseless about doing a "trial of labor" rather than an elective C-Section...telling me how much higher the risk of horrible things happening if I try to labor. Things like uterine rupture, higher risk of infection after a C-Section during labor rather than a C-Section not in labor, that kinda stuff. So, I'm being an informed patient and going straight to the source--the man who did the C-Section! He's supposed to call me so we can discuss what HE feels the risks are of laboring/delivering vaginally vs. planned C-Section. Since I want to have many kids, having several C-Sections is a really bad idea and something to try to be avoided, but having the baby and I live through labor/delivery is kinda the ultimate in importance. The doctor who did my C-Section has no monetary gain from me having a C-Section this time around, since I won't be delivering at his hospital. Hopefully I'll be able to get an honest doctorly opinion from an "innocent bystander" who actually knows EVERYTHING that happened in the delivery room. What are your thoughts? You guys know the story, what do you think are my chances of uterine rupture or something equally horrifying? :-)
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