Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Isn't Father's Day great? My hubby went to work, and I barely got to see him. I did give him a card, though. No present since his birthday is this week and I already got him three pairs of tzitzes (and three pairs isn't cheap). As for me, I went to a wedding. :-) I forgot my camera though (doh!) But I was sweet enough to call my hubby right before the ceremony started so he could (sort of) listen to it at work. I think he caught bits and pieces of it.

Now for the fun! I killed my toe this weekend. We have a room right off of our main stairwell that brings you to the stairs that go to the upper floor. In that room are bookshelves and such. I was trying to get in there to switch books (since I had just finished reading one) and discovered that the door was blocked because the dining room table leaves that were sitting behind the door had somehow flipped and were now blocking the door. I opened the door as far as I could and flipped the silly things back. Except now one of them was off the floor and hanging off of the other. So I tried to push that one to get it onto the floor. Well, I was successful, except that my stupid toe was in the way. Man those things are HEAVY!!! And my stupid toe hurt like heck the rest of the day (and even part of the day today). I iced it for a while, but it's still black and blue. *sigh* Poor toe.

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