Friday, June 11, 2010

Bittersweet Day

Today is June 11th...what should have been my father's 82nd birthday. But sadly he is not here to celebrate with us...not his birthday, not the twins, not the baby-to-be. *sigh* Unfortunately he never had a chance to even meet my husband. In either case, at least he is watching down on us and can smile at his grandkids from up above. :-)

In other news, the twins had their 15 month checkups at the pediatrician. Dovid only weighs 19 lbs and is in like the 1st percentile for weight. He's 29.25 in tall, which is in a slightly higher percentile but not by much. Chana weighs 22 lb 10.5 oz, which is in the 50th percentile, and she's now 30.5 in tall (57th percentile). The dr says they are two healthy babies, but she wants to see them at 18 months to check up on Dovid's weight. She's also sending them to see an audiologist and someone to check their speech, since they're still not talking or understanding words. I'll make those appointments on Monday...

As for me, I got my hemoglobin and hematocrit levels from last Monday. My hemoglobin was 13.4 g/dL (the lowest normal for pregnant women is 11 to 12 g/dL!!!) and my hematocrit was 36.5% (and normal is 35-47% for women). YIPPEE!!! I'm not anemic, and both levels are even going up! :-D


  1. Aw, happy birthday to your dad -- may he rest in peace. I feel the same way about DH's father because he passed away when my hubby was 11 so he never got to meet me or his grandchildren (2 of them were born already in the family -- big family). Hugs to you.

    Sounds like the twins are doing great! Every child is different so hopefully he's just growing on his own curve.

    Yay for good blood levels! :) That must be a relief!

  2. Happy birthday to your father. I can only imagine how it must sadden you that he never got a chance to meet your children.

    I agree with Sarah - Dovid is just on his own curve. From the pics he looks like a healthy boy!

  3. So your dad must've been around 55 when you were born. Are you the youngest? That is sad, though, that he never got to meet your husband and children.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Dad! I hope he is in great peace...

    I love the test results of you...I hope Chana and Dovid do well too.

    The vids that you post...they seem to be babbling and maybe they will do it in their own time...Good Luck!

  5. I'm glad that this pregnancy is going well, and how big the twins are getting! You honor the memory of your father by teaching his values and sharing your memories of him with your children as they grow. Be well!

  6. I am so sorry that your dad isn't there to celebrate his birthday with you guys. I love that you know he is looking down on you though.
    I am in the same boat as you with my daughter. She is very low in her weight. She is 17 months and weighs 19 pounds as well. I try not to worry too much. I know it's hard though. I am sure they are both just perfect little babies.