Sunday, November 22, 2009


My children actually have teeth! Well, at least I can see that Chana is getting her two bottom middle ones...I have yet to see any from Dovid, but our au pair insists she sees some coming in on the upper row. Poor Chana has been miserable, and she's not going to sleep quietly like she used to. During the day it doesn't seem to be a problem, but as soon as you put her in the crib for nap or bedtime...well, her screams could wake the dead.

Even after the pediatrician INSISTED that I start pureeing the twins food so they'll learn how to swallow food, I am continuing to give them pieces. :-) According to Molly, who is my personal Baby-Led Weaning expert, swallowing mush and learning to chew and swallow food pieces are two totally different things. Giving them mush will not help them to learn about chewing and swallowing other foods. If they know how to dip (say a green bean into hummus), then you can have them do that or dip it for them so they get something that's supposed to be mushy. I've been doing that and they seem to like the hummus. But more importantly they CAN swallow it. They had some applesauce a few weeks ago in Rochester that didn't cause trouble either. It's a learning process. They have to figure out themselves that chewing is an essential part of eating solid food. Once they figure out how to chew it enough that it becomes mushier, they'll be able to swallow with no problem. And then swallowing bigger things shouldn't be an issue. Until then, I have to put up with Dovid's gagging/throwing up/coughing fits during meal time. Let me tell you, there's nothing scarier for me than meal time with him, but I have to pursue or the kid will be taking formula with him to college.

I don't know if Chana has actually gotten to the "swallowing" stage. I think she's still just exploring food, because she doesn't gag nearly as much as Dovid does, nor is she as into her food as he is. She'll put it in her mouth, but it doesn't stay there long. She'll get it! And it'll probably be easier for her when she does get into it, because she'll already have some teeth to bite with!

Molly also says that the pediatrician is overreacting about needing them to eat a ton and wean off of formula. At this point I do *not* need to worry about the twins solid food intake. This is why it's called BABY-Led Weaning and not Mommy-Led Weaning. The twins will figure it out when they are good and ready developmentally. Even if that's not until they're a year old, it's fine. They'll get it, and they'll be just fine.
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