Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shifra's Back!

Yay! My au pair is finally back from vacation, so I can start working again. I think first I'll do the website coding lessons that my "boss" (i.e. my best friend Melanie) wants me to do. She eventually wants me to help her with creating websites, but first I need to learn how. Next, I'm going to work a bit on my Names Unlimited page, which is still under construction (although you're welcome to look at it and order things...just email me for info). Then I'm going to sort all of the laundry that's sitting on the couch opposite me, and finally I'm going to start packing for Rochester. How long do you think this is all going to take me? Probably a few weeks, so I'd better get started now (seeing as I leave for Rochester in 2 days). :-)
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