Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stuff and Whatnot

Do you remember my friend who got pregnant last April? Remember that she was pregnant with twins? Well she had her babies a few weeks ago!!! Her little girl just came home from the hospital today and her little boy will hopefully be coming home over the weekend. We are super excited for her!!!!!!!

Do you remember back last summer when we were supposed to be getting a new live-in? Well she finally recovered, and it turns out that she didn't actually bail on me without saying goodbye, but one of her friends was messing with me since she didn't want her to move to Boston. She's actually here now (along with a second au pair - I'm spoiled), and we are SO EXCITED!!! Both live-ins are fantastic, and the kids adore them.

And now for my awesomeness. I spilled water on my laptop the other day and thought I was completely done-for. So I ordered a new computer using my credit card reward points. But then I called Toshiba with a problem - a few of my letter keys weren't working since the water accident and I needed at least one of them cuz it's in my computer password. He showed me how to do that. Then I realized that maybe I could solve my letter problems by getting a new keyboard. So I ordered one. It arrived today, and I installed the keyboard all by myself!!!! I saved $100 doing that, and it wasn't too difficult, either. And it works! My computer is just as good as it was before the water thingy...and I'm still getting a new one cuz I can't cancel that order. Ahh well, there are worse things than a brand new computer!
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