Sunday, December 26, 2010

No, No Baby Yet...

Sorry to say there's nothing going on baby-wise. Just a blizzard outside...that's the most exciting thing happening here. :-)

In other news (and this is TMI), I have the worst case of hemorrhoids in the entire history of the ailment. It's so bad that I'm seriously considering a tush transplant. I'm nervous that going through delivery is going to make it a gajillion times worse. *sigh* Anyone with ideas on how to make it go away is welcome to leave them in a comment.

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Logical Mommy said...

Didn't mean to be insensitive by sending you a "still pregnant" message but wasn't sure if I told you that I'm expecting #3 as well, I"YH, and I'm due on my birthday!

You'll have that baby when you're good and ready, and sorry about the tush!