Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Did I Tell You....

That I got a A in both of my courses this semester?? I knew I had an A in Anatomy & Physiology, and I was pretty sure I had one in Human Growth & Development, but I was still nervous that my professor might do something weird and give me less than that. Nope! My 4.0 average is intact!! :-)

As for the baby, I got all excited last night when I started to have "real" contractions. You know, the ones that hurt your back and front and all the way around... As soon as I laid down to go to sleep they started and came probably 5-7 mins apart until I fell asleep. I woke up again a bit before 4am with the same thing - contractions about 5-7 mins apart. I fell back to sleep around 5am and then woke up before my alarm around 7:15. I got up, had a few contractions...and then they stopped. Bah humbug! I did notice that I might have passed a weensy bit of mucus plug and that I had a small amount of pink/red on the toilet paper (kind of like when your period is thinking about coming), but that stopped too. All day I've had these same kinds of contractions but with no pattern. I can tell that the baby has dropped WAAAAAY down...I mean she is so far down I swear she's coming out my toes. But having one real contraction per hour just doesn't cut it, you know? lol The midwife I usually see is actually in labor & delivery tonight (woo hoo), so I'm going to call around 7:30pm and see if she wants me to come in and maybe do a membrane sweep or something to kick my body into gear. I just don't want to be doing days upon days of having completely irregular "real" contractions...that would be a bummer. I'll keep you guys updated if anything happens!
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