Sunday, May 14, 2017

Night At The Museum x3

Costco had a really great deal on the Night at the Museum trilogy - $13 for all three in a DVD set. I could not pass that up, considering I've really wanted to see them and figured the kids would enjoy. So we may have binge watched them a bit.

The kids ADORED the movies. They've been deciding which of them is which character. So far Gavriella is Sacajawea, Tzipora is Jedediah, Chana is Octavius, and Dovid is King Akhmenrah. Which, of course, leaves me to be Teddy Roosevelt. I could have done much worse. haha

Each movie has is really great points, but I have to tell you the little Jewish pieces in the third one made me smile. There's a reference to Nicky's Bar Mitzvah and an entire (little) conversation between Larry and King Merenkahre (played by the amazing Ben Kingsley) that made me crack up. Speaking of Ben Kingsley, I just about freaked out when I saw him in the Egyptian pharaoh get up. Anyone who knew me well as a child would know I had a small (huge) obsession with the biblical Joseph. It started with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and wafted over to a made-for-TV movie called Joseph, where Ben Kingsley plays Potiphar. As I've watched him as Potiphar probably a hundred times, seeing him play the pharaoh was pretty awesome and made my teenage heart flutter.

But Ben Kingsley wasn't even the best part of the third movie. That was Dan Stevens, of course, who played Sir Lancelot. They made just enough "Dan Stevens is hot" jokes to suit me. He did a fabulous job making Lancelot believable even when I can't not picture him as Matthew Crawley.

If you haven't watched the trilogy, definitely do it. Rent them or see if your local Costco has them. You're in for a good laugh (and a good cry).
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