Friday, May 12, 2017

Finger Surgery

I had a small cyst removed from my finger last Tuesday, and it HURTS. I was expecting to go in, have it removed, and be sent home with a bandaid, but no... It has stitches and a HUGE dressing. Doctor also said I can't lift heavy things with that hand. So now I'm out of work for at least a week and a half. I'm not happy. My boss is not happy. And my finger hurts because this dressing is cumbersome and tight. I am seriously contemplating having one of my coworkers take out the stitches before the family reunion next week if I can't get in to see the doctor before then. It's a good thing I'm a righty.

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Charlotte said...

Yikes Elaina! I wouldn't honk a small cyst removed would cause all that, either! Was the cyst causing you pain or problems with mobility??
I'm trying to get a new blog post up today. It's taking me forever to get typed up!