Saturday, May 13, 2017


Since at least one person expressed interest, at some point I will tell you about my interesting genealogical findings. As for now, I'll give the answers to the questions I got in comments:

First off, Dovid. He has ADHD and is a challenge all around. He still has accidents because he gets so engrossed in things that he does so he doesn't make it to the bathroom on time. He also talks a lot and has difficulty with social interaction. So he doesn't realize that the other person wants him to be quiet or just isn't interested in what he's talking about. He doesn't talk about the other kids at school much (except for one boy who I don't think is a mutual friend), so I don't know if he really has any friends. I hate thinking about how lonely he must be. But B"H he is very smart, so academically he does quite well. I'm always impressed with the things that he knows.

Right now not TTC and not planning on any more kids in the near future. I am quite content (and overwhelmed) with 4. Maybe once these guys get older and less of a handful I might have a change of heart, but I am too busy to think otherwise at this point.

As for work, I cannot get into a midwifery practice because no one wants a new graduate midwife (especially one without many years of labor & delivery experience). So I'm a bit stuck unless I want to go into a home birth practice or private practice, neither of which is a viable option for me.

I'm getting my doctor of nursing practice degree in midwifery, though at this point I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. My end goal was to be a midwife, and now I just feel so worn out by it that I think retirement is my end point. haha

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Charlotte said...

Happy Mother's Day Elana! I hope you are able to spend some special time with your kids today!

I am sorry that you are in such a hard road in regards to school/work. Maybe trying to find a private practice you can join in order to gain experience could be a temporary solution?? Especially if the hospital setting is not for you. Maybe finding someone who would allow you to work beside them until you are comfortable enough to not get overwhelmed when things don't go smoothly?
It's tricky trying to find a good balance of work and home life. Luckily in the medical field there are many different options as far as workplace settings and shifts available. A nanny can't be might be better off financially if you found a schedule that worked around your kids instead of paying a nanny. Most people I know in healthcare with kids work nights, 3 12 hours shifts, or weekends (like I do). You could even be a school nurse and then you would be working the same hours your kids were in school. Sometimes we just have to figure out what works right now as opposed to long term. The beauty of being in healthcare is that is is so flexible and there are lots of options.